Axato was a prominent Skull Raider who rose to the position of tribal chieftain at some point in the past. After the first battle for the ancient city, he dueled Gali in a jest to distract his forces from the attacking Masters.

History Edit

Born into the Skull Raiders in their vast, underground city, Axato was a member of the Skull Raiders since the day he was borm. Achieving fame as a prolific and accomplished warrior, Axato became chieftain of the pirate band after some time; ruling as a strong-willed yet honourable warlord after Kulta left to capture the city of the Mask Makers.

By the era of the Masters, Axato and the other raiders had been ordered to remain in their isolated city. Far from their military leader, Kulta, they existed solely under the leadership of Axato for several decades. Within a few weeks of his defeat and imprisonment by Ekimu and the unified Masters, Kulta was rescued and he returned to the raiders to acclaim, including that of Axato.

Ekimu arrived in the city soon after, leading to Axato's decision to marshal his warriors for battle. When the Masters came to investigate, Axato and Kulta both apprehended and captured all of the Toa, excepting Gali. Realizing that she could distract the tribal leader to allow her comrades to escape, she challenged Axato to a duel, and was able to hold him off until all the Toa had escaped. Ekimu quickly destroyed the city as he and the Toa departed, trapping Axato under the immense pile of rubble.

Personality Edit