Kulta, often called the "Skull Grinder", was the leader of the Skull Raiders and a key figure in the fight with Makuta. He commanded the Skull Army until his defeat by Ekimu.
Skull Grinder - LEGO Bionicle - Character Spot-0

Skull Grinder - LEGO Bionicle - Character Spot-0

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Kulta originated on an unknown landmass distinct from Okoto, where he created the Skull Raiders. As a pirate, he destroyed and ransacked many lands before arriving on Okoto, until the Ancient Protectors and Mask Makers drove him off some time before the Battle of the Mask Makers. He and the other Skull Raiders were forced to retreat to a desolate land in the wilderness of Okoto, where they built a massive city. At some point before his betrayal, Makuta contacted Kulta, proposing an alliance. Kulta accepted. 

Battle for the Ancient CityEdit

After his defeat, Makuta's spirit eventually returned to Okoto, he instructed Kulta to raise a Skull Army in the City of the Mask Makers. When the Toa arrived in the city after defeating the Lord of Skull Spiders. Kulta immediately engaged them in battle with his ground troops, the Skull Warriors, but the Toa defeated them with relative ease. He then attempted to deter them with the aid of the Skull Slicer, but this failed as well. Finally, he employed his strongest members, the Skull Scorpios and Skull Basher, but when the Toa broke through, he was forced to confront them himself. Shocked to see Ekimu, whom he likely recognized, he donned the Mask of Creation in an attempt to save his own life.

At first, the mask granted phenomenal strength to Kulta, who easily felled all six of the Toa. However, he rapidly grew complacent, and, while gloating in his apparent victory, gave Ekimu a sizable amount of time with which to rebuild his Hammer of Power, which he promptly used to attack and defeat the Skull Grinder. In doing so, he removed the Toa from danger and restored their masks, which Kulta had knocked off.


Kulta came to after a brief period of time, by which point Ekimu had removed his mask and tools, rendering him significantly less dangerous.


Makuta summoned a Skull Spider to return his Skull Mask, at which point Kulta escaped and reunited with the Skull Raiders, who had resurfaced.

When Ekimu brought the ceiling of Skull Raider City crashing down on the Raiders, Kulta was trapped and Makuta refused to release him.


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Kulta, the Skull Grinder

Powers and ToolsEdit


Kulta's Mask Stealer Staff

Through his career as commander of the Skull Army, Kulta made use of a Razor Sharp Hook Blade and the Mask Stealer Staff. His mask was a Skull Mask. He also wore a ceremonial Skull Mask in silver. Since he was imprisoned, he had been without all his tools and mask.

It is assumed he had the power of Elemental Absorption like his Army.