Nilkuu, the Protector of Stone, was one of the Six Protectors. Guarding the villages of Stone on Okoto.

History Edit

Before the Arrival Edit

Nilkuu inherited the position of defending the Region of Stone from his father. He was told the Prophecy of Heroes, which his ancestors had learned from the Mask Maker Ekimu, after his battle with his brother, Makuta, to be recited in times of peril.

When Skull Spiders began to attack Nilkuu's village, he and the other Protectors went to the Temple of Time to recite the ancient Prophecy of Heroes. Not long after the six Toa landed on Okoto. There was a loud crash in the Region of Stone and Nilkuu led his people to its source , where he met Pohatu . Nilkuu informed Pohatu of his destiny, but the Toa insisted he knew nothing about defeating evil. Nilkuu then brought Pohatu on journey's through the region of stone on a search for his mask.

Quest for the Golden Mask of Stone Edit

Nilkuu and Pohatu journeyed through the desert. They were not completely exhausted yet. As they were walking Pohatu saw two small dogs, he started towards them. He realized that they were lost and he helped them back to their mother. After the slight offset, they kept walking. A small group of Skull Spiders crawled towards Nilkuu. Pohatu jumped into the air and a tornado formed around him, he threw his stormerangs at the creatures, and crushed them, saving Nilkuu from them.

After miles of walking, they found the shrine, Skull Spiders appeared from all around Nilkuu stopped them so Pohatu could claim the mask. Pohatu flew over and grabbed the mask, he quickly put it on and destroyed the Skull Spiders.

Pohatu and Nilkuu went for the City of the Mask Makers from then on.

Battle for the City Edit

Nilkuu stayed momentarily, then went back with his fellow Protectors. To gather at the edge of the city, there to aid the Toa if needed. They would follow them in and help with the defeat. The Toa took a different route, finding themselves with the Lord of Skull Spiders, they brought down his lair, defeating him, and many of his minions, the skull spiders. This victory aided the cause of the battle.

Personality Edit

Nilkuu was a curious and adventurous Protector, though stubborn, strong willed and careful. He was a strategic fighter, and a wise and intelligent elder of Okoto. He was willing to help when needed, and find out new things when ever he can.

Powers and Tools Edit


Nilkuu wore a special Elemental Stone Mask, passed down through generation to generation. To ward off enemies, he had an Elemental Sandstorm Blaster.