Okoto was the island on which the Mask Makers and Protectors lived. It was where the Toa went on a quest for the Masks of Power. Inhabitants were referred to as Okotans.


The villagers, the Protectors and the Mask Makers lived in harmony at one time. After the battle between Ekimu and Makuta, the island was severely damaged, and the Mask Makers went into an unending slumber. The Mask of Creation, Mask of Control and Mask of Ultimate Power were scattered, and remained hidden to the inhabitants for a long time. Later, the Toa arrived, preparing to find the masks and restore order to the island.


Okoto was an incredibly environmentally diverse island with six distinct environments corresponding to the six elements of the Protectors, each roughly divided by a mountain range. Each region was home to a village of islanders. Elsewhere on Okoto were the ruins of an ancient city, guarded by the Lord of Skull Spiders.

The Six Regions
Region of Fire
The Region of Fire is volcanic and fierce. Magma spills from the huge mountain ranges and run south forming broad, burning rivers that meet the Great Sea in huge hissing clouds of smoke. The region is home to NarmotoProtector of Fire and Tahu, Toa of Fire
Region of Jungle
Okoto’s jungles are dangerous places full of gigantic trees and savage wildlife. The jungles hold the most ancient of the Protector Ruins, now overgrown and forgotten. The region is home to VizunaProtector of Jungle and Lewa, Toa of Jungle
Region of Ice
Glaciers and tundra permanently freeze the northern part of Okoto. Great snowstorms blow across the region, flashfreezing everything. The region is home to IzotorProtector of Ice and Kopaka, Toa of Ice
Region of Stone
The great barren desert spreads across the northwestern part of Okoto. The most dangerous phenomenon in the desert is sandstorms that blow across the wasteland. The region is home to NilkuuProtector of Stone and Pohatu, Toa of Stone.
Region of Earth
The western part of Okoto is rich with obsidian fields. It is a black, glasslike and nightmarish place full of treacherous ravines, crevices and deep rifts. The region is home to Korgot,  Protector of Earth and Onua, Toa of Earth
Region of Water
The Region of Water is composed of lakes and thundering rivers that form large deltas as well as strings of fertile islands along the eastern coast of Okoto. The region is home to Kivoda,  Protector of Water and Gali, Toa of Water