The Region of Ice was one of six elemental regions on Okoto


The Region of Ice was a mixture of frozen tundra and glacial terrains. Terrible blizzards raged across the land, flash-freezing anything within minutes. Bridges of ice connected the land which was heavily scarred with crevices, and snowy mountains covered much of the landscape. 


At some point in time, the Region of Ice was overrun with Skull Spiders.

Eventually Kopaka crashed into an unknown location in the Region of Ice, where Izotor informed him of his destiny as a Toa . The two then set off to collect the Golden Mask of Ice.

Kopaka and his companion were followed by Skull Spiders, whom the Protector tried to held off. Kopaka claimed his Golden Mask of Ice, and before the Protector could be overcome by Skull Spiders, skied down to him, grabbed him and formed an Ice shield around them. The Toa then set off for the Ancient City of the Mask Makers.

Kopaka later searched for Melum and found him at an Ice Temple.



  • Villages of Ice
  • Ice Temple
  • Golden Mask of Ice Shrine