Skull Basher was a Skull Creature under the leadership of Kulta, the Skull Grinder. He was Kulta's strongest lieutenant, he was assigned to guard the entrance to the Forge of the Mask Makers.

He also fought for the Skull Raiders as a lieutenant.

Skull Basher - LEGO Bionicle - Character Spot00:32

Skull Basher - LEGO Bionicle - Character Spot

Skull Basher Character Video


The Skull RaidersEdit

Skull Basher was a member of the Skull Raiders, an ancient band of pirates led by Kulta who were defeated by the Mask Makers and Ancient Protectors. After their defeat they were offered an alliance by Makuta, which they accepted. The Skull Raiders were forced into hiding in the mountains of the Region of Stone where they built a sprawling underground city, known only as Skull Raider City

Battle for the Ancient CityEdit

Skull Basher followed Kulta to the Ancient City of the Mask Makers, he was positioned as a sentry outside the Forge of the Mask Makers. When the Toa and Ekimu approached the gate they were challenged by Skull Basher. He knocked a quarreling Kopaka and Tahu to the bottom of the stairs. He also felled Onua, when he tried to charge Skull Basher alone. Skull Basher claimed Onua's Golden Mask of Earth and began to drain its energy.

At Ekimu's advice, the remaining five Toa combined their Elemental Powers and charged at Skull Basher. They blasted their way past him into the Forge. Skull Basher's defeated body was left and Onua's Golden Mask reclaimed.

The Protectors later found his immobile body as they found their way into the Forge. As a precaution, Ekimu separated him from his mask, he and Kulta were then placed in separate cells within the city.

After the BattleEdit

Kulta later awoke within his cell and noticed Skull Basher in the neighbouring enclosure. He was angered that he was incapable of punishing Skull Basher for his failure. Later, a Skull Spider came to deliver Kulta's mask but left Skull Basher's in Ekimu's vault. Kulta himself left Skull Basher in his cell as he departed the city.


Skull Basher was ruthless and loved the taste of battle. He was fearless as shown when he confronted the Toa's attack straight on, even though it was strong enough to knock him out. 

Skull Basher, Kulta's strongest lieutenant

Powers and ToolsEdit

600px-Hook Axes

One of Skull Basher's Hook Blades

Skull Basher was a strong fighter, shown by his ability to defeat at least two Toa simultaneously. He also showed skill, able to steal Onua's mask using his axes and surviving the conflict between the Skull Raiders, Protectors and Mask Makers.

He possessed the ability to drain Masks of Power of the elemental energy. He was recognised as Kulta's strongest lieutenant.

He wielded two Hook Axes and had Doom Spikes on his shoulders. He aslo had large horns. He wore the Bull Skull Mask and the Golden Mask of Earth for a brief time.

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